Full and Partial Dentures in Clarksville, Tennessee

Denture services in Clarksville, Tennessee

Full and partial dentures are still available as viable options for those who are missing natural teeth. The dentures of today are more comfortable than the kind our grandparents wore!

There are two kinds of dentures: full and partial. What kind of denture you receive will depend on how many teeth you need to replace and what you discuss with your dentist. David Bailey, DDS has a variety of denture services available.

How Dentures Work

Dentures are basically composed of flesh colored acrylic that fits right on your gums. The upper denture goes on the roof of your mouth and the lower denture is a “U” shape to leave room for your tongue to move and function.

Your dentist creates dentures from impressions that are made of your teeth. The impressions are then sent to a dental lab where they are custom designed to fit your mouth and to create a personal denture for you to use as a replacement for teeth. Once fitted right, you should be able to use the denture effectively.

Different Kinds of Dentures

A series of dentures are available to patients depending on the replacement process they are seeking for missing teeth.

  • Partial Denture – Partial dentures are connected to a metal frame that is placed on your real teeth. They also work alongside with crowns that can be connected as a foundation for your denture. Partial dentures are another alternative to bridges.
  • Traditional Full Denture – A full denture is put in your mouth after all teeth are removed and your gum tissue is completely healed and recovered. You could be without teeth while your gum tissue heals from tooth removal.
  • Immediate Denture – An Immediate Denture is available to patients as an immediate full denture replacement for all missing teeth. This is so that a patient can have teeth immediately upon teeth removal. They provide a way to never have to go without teeth, however, they will need to be realigned several times due to the healing of your gum tissue causing it to change and loosen its fit.

Who is a Good Candidate?

Partial dentures are good for people who have most of their natural teeth. If you are missing some of your teeth due to gum disease, injury or other issues you may be a candidate for a set of partial dentures. The way this would work is the denture would be applied and fitted in between the teeth you have remaining. Some people require oral surgery before being able to obtain partial dentures to prepare for them.

Complete Dentures are good for those who are missing a lot of teeth, have experienced bone loss, periodontal disease or decay. In these situations, sometimes a whole new set of teeth is in order. Complete dentures can be custom designed and fitted to help create a full smile. Complete dentures allow you to speak, chew, or eat normally.

If you only have a few teeth missing then dentures may not be the right option. In this case, our dental implants treatment may be the best choice for you. Dental implants are permanent and replace a tooth root and tooth from inside the bone socket out. They can even last a lifetime and are not removable. All options regarding dentures and implants should be discussed with your dentist first.

What Do Dentures Feel Like?

Clarksville Tennessee partial and full denture procedures

Having brand new dentures may feel strange at first but over time you should adjust to them and be able to speak well with some practice. The muscles in your mouth and tongue have to adjust and get use to this new piece of equipment. Some small discomfort and irritation may occur.

Care and Maintenance

Dentures are items that will require maintenance and routine visits. Sometimes, your dentures will need to be relined and reconstructed. Dentures will have normal wear and tear. They may become loose over time and just need some minor adjustments.

Dentures are delicate so you should always handle them carefully so they don’t break. Denture cleanser should be used regularly to keep them moist and from getting dried out and to keep them clean. Never use hot water. You should brush your dentures just like you would teeth: daily and a few times a day. Brushing the gums, tongue and palate as well helps the dentures and your overall oral health.

There are many options when it comes to fixing your smile or replacing lost teeth. Contact Dr. David Bailey and our friendly staff today in Clarksville, Tennessee for full or partial dentures and to discuss all your options with us.