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 Clarksville, Tennessee Clear and Invisible Braces Services

Gone are the days of unsightly metal braces. No need to have to wear a mouth full of wires anymore. Clear braces are here to stay and a great esthetic alternative to fixing your teeth. Clear braces are removable and developed through computer technology that studies the movement of your teeth. Over time, these kinds of braces straighten your teeth just like traditional braces. David Bailey, DDS, can help you find the right braces that work for you.

Clear braces cannot treat all orthodontic problems like complicated bite problems or certain misalignments but are great for the following conditions:

  • Crooked or out of alignment teeth
  • Overly spaced teeth
  • Overcrowded teeth
  • Overbites

Who Are They For?

Adults and teenagers are usually the right candidates for clear braces. Younger children or young teenagers may have more complicated orthodontic issues that require the standard metal braces with wires and brackets.

The first step to acquiring invisible braces is to consult with your dentist or orthodontist and see if they are right for you. The removable clear aligners were first created mostly for adults because they require a lot of responsibility and continual cooperation. They need to be worn most hours of the day.

Cosmetic style braces come in a variety of forms including ceramics, lingual and clear aligners.

Clarksville, Tennessee Clear Braces

Types of Invisible Braces

  • Ceramic braces – are much like regular braces but match the color of your teeth with tooth colored brackets and wires. They work, in the same way, to straighten your teeth. The tooth-colored ceramic doesn’t stain. They are not as invisible as clear aligners or inside braces. They are not removable like aligners but are permanent like metal braces until removed. At first you will feel some pain and discomfort as your teeth adjust to your new braces just as you would with regular braces. The discomfort should go away shortly, and you are on your way to straighter teeth.
  • Inside braces – also referred to as lingual braces, this kind is rarely visible as they are placed on the inside of your teeth and can only be seen at certain angles. These are a great option for people who are not comfortable with removable aligners or visible braces but are self-conscious about the appearance of braces. Like with regular braces, after they are installed you may experience discomfort and have trouble speaking at first. Your mouth will adjust and feel normal in a week or so to having the braces on the inside of your teeth.
  • Clear Aligners – Clear Correct, and other clear invisible systems are clear, removable aligners that fit your teeth and are removed from eating and drinking and other activities. You have to be disciplined when utilizing clear aligners to straighten your teeth as it is required that you wear them almost all the time to make any progress with your alignment and corrections. They are done in sets and stages as your teeth slowly move and re-align with each set. Once you start wearing your new set, you may feel discomfort or some irritation as your teeth get used to the new device.

The period it takes to have complete success with invisible braces varies from patient to patient. It will mostly depend on the complication level of your orthodontic correction.

How to Get Started

If you want to fix your smile or bite, it is time to visit your dental provider. When you visit our office, Dr. David Bailey will perform an appointment consultation and begin to take x-rays, pictures and make impressions of your teeth. Most dental braces nowadays are made through computer technology. Your dental professional will talk with you about your potential options when it comes to deciding which clear braces are right for your particular treatment.

In some cases, clear braces may not be the right option, and you may have to seek out a traditional method with wire and metal braces. Aligners may not be the best answer to fix your teeth. Lingual, or tooth-colored braces may be the right alternative to your treatment. Either way, the result is the most important when investing in braces, and your overall success rate for fixing your cosmetic or bite issue should be considered when picking out the right product for you.

Some treatments can take up to a year or longer and vary. Your dentist will need your full cooperation, and you will need to follow the format of your procedural guidelines very closely for optimum success.

Call our friendly staff today about booking a consultation for clear braces procedures in Clarksville, Tennessee.