Tooth-Colored Fillings in Clarksville, Tennessee


Natural looking fillings in Clarksville, Tennessee

Tooth-colored fillings are white natural fillings that look like your real tooth color and are sometimes referred to as composite fillings or resins. They are used for all kinds of dental repairs such as repairing cavities, fixing fractured and decayed teeth, closing gaps on teeth, repairing chipped teeth and making your teeth look straight and healthy. Tooth colored fillings can be great and durable for small to midsize filling needs. At David Bailey, DSS, we offer tooth-colored filling services for our patients.

The tooth-colored composite resin used in these kinds of fillings is cosmetic and can match your teeth, improving your overall smile.

Why Tooth-Colored Fillings?

There are many advantages to tooth colored fillings including:

  • They match your natural teeth so you can’t tell they have been repaired
  • They can attach and harden to the tooth structure without any other tools being required, unlike an implant or a denture
  • The white fillings can restore strength to your teeth
  • It’s a fast repair and process so you see results quickly
  • You can use them on all your teeth.
  • They are repairable

Non – Benefits of White Fillings

  • They can be easily stained by tea or coffee
  • Metal fillings are still stronger
  • They can wear out over time
  • They cost more than traditional fillings
  • They usually cost more on insurance as well.

How Does it Work?

Composite resin fillings are the most common tooth colored filling used today. They chemically attach and bond to your teeth.

An anesthetic is not always required during the composite resin filling procedure. Numbing may be used if there is some decay that has gone down beyond the enamel layer and could affect feeling in the nerves in the tooth root. Once the area is cleaned and all decay is eradicated, a primer is applied, and then the bonding agent is applied so the filling material can then be added, bonded and hardened. Your dental professional will then shape and make sure the filling matches the rest of your teeth. Then your bite will be checked and any adjustments will be made.Clarksville, Tennessee dental fillings

Tooth Colored Alternatives and Options

Some things to consider before deciding on whether tooth-colored fillings are the right option for you are the actual size of the area you want to be fixed, how strong you want your filling, the look you are desiring and how long you want your filling to last.

Another alternative to a tooth-colored filling that is similar in mimicking your natural teeth is porcelain or composite inlays. Inlays last a longer time than resin and are stain resistant but take a bit longer to obtain and require multiple visits.

There are always non-tooth colored alternatives such as gold inlays and the other more common alternative is dental amalgam. Gold inlays are very expensive and require multiple visits. Dental amalgams are very strong like gold but are the most affordable filling options. Amalgam fillings require one visit and do have mercury in their composition.

All the metal type of fillings last longer and are stronger than tooth colored fillings but do not blend as naturally with your smile and tooth shape as the natural colored white fillings do. The key is to consult with your dentist and figure out what your options are and what the natural colored fillings will cost.

Most insurance plans, if not all, will not cover tooth colored fillings as they are considered more cosmetic, and there are cheaper, durable options in metal fillings. If you want a natural look without any metal showing, then you may want to pay the extra cost.

A tooth colored filling will take a little longer to put in due to the fact that the area needs to be clean and dry before the cavity filling can be completed properly. They have become more popular in recent years due to the increase in cosmetic dentistry.

Preventing yourself from having any fillings is obviously an ideal situation. In order to preserve your teeth and prevent cavities, you should brush and floss twice daily, eat healthily and go to your dentist for all your routine check ups.

If you are interested in finding out more about tooth-colored dental fillings in Clarksville, Tennessee, call to book your appointment with Dr. Bailey and his friendly staff today. They will take a look at your oral health and discuss with you all your options.